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Aetna is one of the nation's leaders in health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, and disability insurance, and employee benefits. Dedicated to helping people achieve health and financial security, Aetna puts information and helpful resources to work for its members to help them make better-informed decisions about their health care.


American Academy of Family Physicians

To promote improved health of the American people; to advance the specialty of family practice through education, advocacy, and communication; and to serve the unique needs of members with professionalism and creativity.


American Academy of Optometry

Since 1922, the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) has been enhancing excellence in optometric practice by fostering research and disseminating knowledge in vision science through the continuing education presented at its annual meeting. Fellows of the Academy are committed to the premise that learning is a lifelong obligation of a professional, as is the commitment to expand the profession’s knowledge base through ongoing Fellowship and exchange.


American Academy of Pediatrics

To attain optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults. To this purpose, the AAP and its members dedicate their efforts and resources.


American Academy of Physician Assistants

To promote quality, cost-effective, accessible health care, and to promote the professional and personal development of physician assistants.


American Board of Genetic Counseling

The American Board of Genetic Counseling establishes standards of competence through accrediation of graduate training programs and certificate and recertification of genetic counselors to advance the profession and protect the public.


American Board of Medical Genetics, Inc.

The American Board of Medical Genetics certifies individuals and accredits training programs in the field of human genetics.


American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is the nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research.


American College of Clinical Pharmacology

The American College of Clinical Pharmacology strives to be the premier professional society with the size, influence and diversity of membership consistent with the breadth of the discipline of clinical pharmacology that will:

  • Provide innovative, unbiased, quality educational programs and forums for our membership, fellow health professionals, students and the public
  • Lead in the development and dissemination of basic and clinical knowledge to improve rational drug use and patient outcomes
  • Support and encourage discovery and development efforts designed to provide improved therapeutic modalities
  • Serve as a forum for active public debate to influence scientific, regulatory, and public health policy issues

Serve the membership through ongoing, open communication, recognition of excellence and service, and by providing opportunities to influence future directions of the College.


American College of Medical Genetics

The ACMG provides education, resources and a voice for the medical genetics profession. To make genetic services available to and improve the health of the public, the ACMG promotes the development and implementation of methods to diagnose, treat and prevent genetic diseases.


American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist

ACOG is a professional membership organization dedicated to advancing women’s health by building and sustaining the obstetric and gynecologic community and actively supporting its members. The College pursues this mission through education, practice, research, and advocacy. ACOG will emphasize life-long learning, incorporate new knowledge and information technology, and evolve its governance structure. To achieve its strategic goals, ACOG will develop an operational plan that includes appropriate metrics.


American Medical Association

AMA's mission is to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.


American Nurses Association

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the only full-service professional organization representing the nation's 2.9 million registered nurses (RNs) through its 54 constituent member associations. The ANA advances the nursing profession by fostering high standards of nursing practice, promoting the rights of nurses in the workplace, projecting a positive and realistic view of nursing, and by lobbying the Congress and regulatory agencies on health care issues affecting nurses and the public.


American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.

The American Occupational Therapy Assocation (AOTA) is the national professional association established to represent the interests and concerns of occupational therapy practitioners and students of occupational therapy and to improve the quality of occupational therapy services. AOTA's mission is to advance the quality, availability, use, and support of occupational therapy through standard setting, advocacy, education, and research on behalf of its members and the public.


American Physical Therapy Association

 To further the profession's role in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of movement dysfunction and the enhancement of the physical health and functional abilities of members of the public.


American Society of Human Genetics

The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) is the primary professional membership organization for human geneticists in the Americas. ASHG serves research scientists, health professionals, and the public by providing forums to:

  • Share research results at annual meetings and in the American Journal of Human Genetics
  • Advance genetic research by advocating for research support
  • Enhance genetics education by preparing future professionals and informing the public
  • Promote genetic services and support responsible social and scientific policies


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 127,000 members and affiliates. ASHA's mission is to promote the interests of and provide the highest quality services for professionals in audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech and hearing science, and to advocate for people with communication disabilities.


Association of Womens Health, Obstetric & Neonatal Nurses

The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) is a non-profit membership organization that promotes the health of women and newborns. Our mission is to improve and promote the health of women and newborns and to strengthen the nursing profession through the delivery of superior advocacy, research, education and other professional and clinical resources to nurses and other healthcare professionals.


Center for Biotechnology, Genomics and Health Research

The CBGHR is committed to the production and development of timely programs in basic biological health research at UNCG and in the Greensboro community. The mission of the CBGHR is to play a leadership role for increasing knowledge, building capacity, and disseminating information in the health, biomedical, and biotechnological sciences to the Triad community.


College of American Pathologists

The College of American Pathologists, the leading organization of board-certified pathologists, serves patients, pathologists, and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide.


Des Moines University

Des Moines University is a post graduate medical school offering degree programs in osteopathic medicine, anatomy, biomedical sciences, podiatric medicine, physician assistant studies, physical therapy, post-professional physical therapy, public health and health care administration.


Emory University School of Medicine

Emory University School of Medicine is ranked among the nation's finest institutions for biomedical education. The School of Medicine's three-part mission encompasses teaching, scholarship, and service. Programs of study are designed to educate excellent, caring, and compassionate clinicians and scientists for the service and advancement of healthcare, both locally and around the world.


Genetic Alliance

Genetic Alliance improves health through the authentic engagement of communities and individuals. We celebrate innovation on our journey toward novel partnerships, connected consumers and smart services.


Genetic Nurses Credentialing Commission

The mission of GNCC is to enhance professional practice care for people’s genetic health throughout their lifespan through genetic nursing credentialing. GNCC’s goal is to serve the genetic nurses that serve the patients and families rather than to serve the patients and families directly.


Genetics and Public Policy Center

The Genetics and Public Policy Center worls to help leaders, decision makers, and the public better understand the rapidly evolving field of human genetics and its application to healthcare. To inform genetic policy decisions, the Center surveys public attitudes about genetic issues, conducts analyses of the existing regulatory landscape, monitors the transition of genetic applications into clinical practice, and posits options and likely outcomes of key genetics policies.


 Genomic Medicine Institute/Geisinger Health System

Enhancing quality of life through an integrated health service organization based on a balanced program of patient care, education, research and community service.


HHT Foundation International

The HHT Foundation was formed to aid and support persons with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) also known as Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome; to provide patients, families and doctors with educational information; to foster an exchange of information about the diagnosis and treatment of HHT between patients, physicians, researchers, genetic counselors, charitable organizations, government agencies, industry, academic institutions and the general public; to raise funds for genetic and clinical research and for sponsoring special scholarships for studies pertaining to HHT.


Huntington Disease Society of America

The Society is a national, voluntary health organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with Huntington's Disease and their families, to promote and support research and medical efforts to eradicate Huntington's Disease, to assist people and families affected by Huntington's Disease cope with the problems presented with the disease, and to educate the public and health professionals about Huntington's Disease.


 Informed DNA

Informed DNA empowers people and organizations with expert genomic information; bringing the promised of personalized healthcare to life through a better understanding of family health history and genetics.


International Society of Nurses in Genetics

ISONG, the International Society of Nurses in Genetics, is a global nursing specialty organization dedicated to fostering the scientific and professional growth of nurses in human genetics and genomics worldwide. ISONG's mission is to foster the scientific, professional, and personal development of members in the management of genetic information.


International Standards for Cytogenomic Arrays Consortium (ISCA)

ISCA's mission is to develop standards for genotype and phenotype data and guidelines for clinical interpretation of clinical microarrays.  All members are committed to free data sharing in an international database being developed with NCBI at the NIH.


Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, LLC

By leveraging our world-class discovery and development expertise, we bring innovative, effective treatments for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system disorders and pain to ease patients' suffering and to significantly improve their health and overall quality of life.


March of Dimes

The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality. The mission is accomplished through research, community services, education and advocacy. March of Dimes researchers, volunteers, educators, outreach workers and advocates work together to give all babies a fighting chance against the threats to their health: prematurity, birth defects, and low birthweight.


National Association of Catholic Chaplains

The National Association of Catholic Chaplains advocates for the profession of spiritual care and educates, certifies, and supports chaplains, clinical pastoral educators, and all members who continue the healing ministry of Jesus in the name of the Church.


National Genetics Education and Development Centre

The NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre is working with a range of groups throughout the UK to facilitate the integration of genetics education into all levels of education and training for all NHS health professionals.


National Human Genome Research Institute

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) led the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) contribution to the International Human Genome Project, which had as its primary goal the sequencing of the human genome. Now, the NHGRI's mission has expanded to encompass a broad range of studies aimed at understanding the structure and function of the human genome and its role in health and disease.


National Organization for Rare Disorders

The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), is a unique federation of voluntary organizations dedicated to helping people with rare "orphan" diseases and assisting the organizations that serve them. NORD is committed to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare disorders through programs of education, advocacy, research, and service.


National Society of Genetic Counselors

The Society's Mission is to promote the genetic counseling profession as a recognized and integral part of health care delivery, education, research and public policy.



NextGxDx is a web-based genetic diagnostic platform allowing healthcare professionals to quickly and efficiently identify appropriate genetic tests and cross-reference multiple test providers. NextGxDx seeks to simplify genetic testing, through easier and more transparent searching, comparing, and ordering.

Office of Rare Diseases Research

The Office of Rare Diseases Research (ORD) was established within the Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health. The goals of ORD are to stimulate and coordinate research on rare diseases and to support research to respond to the needs of patients who have any one of the more than 6,000 rare diseases known today.


Oncology Nursing Society

The mission of the Oncology Nursing Society is to promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care.


Physician Assistant Education Association

PAEA is the only national organization in the United States representing physician assistant (PA) educational programs. Its mission is to pursue excellence, foster faculty development, advance the body of knowledge that defines quality education and patient-centered care, and promote diversity in all aspects of physician assistant education.


Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College was founded on the belief that even the best of traditional colleges define education too narrowly. Our history has been consistent with that vision. And so we have sought to integrate elements in education that are elsewhere conceived of as mutually exclusive: reason and imagination, subject matter and personal experience, intellectual play and the disciplined pursuit of ideas, an established curriculum and the individual's need to shape his or her own education. In so doing, we offer an opportunity for genuine learning that begins with the experience of each student, with people who come to college with a series of urgent questions that come out of their backgrounds, needs, values, and goals. We make it possible for students to link their personal concerns to the great traditions of knowledge and we regard that link as the element that brings life and vitality to the process of education.


Sigma Theta Tau International

The mission of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International is to support the learning, knowledge, and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference in health worldwide.


Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences

Committed to excellence in military medicine and public health during peace and war.